Summer Camp 2013

Summer camps are open to children from 2 years old to 6 years old. The price per day is the same as it is for the school year. Our camps include lunches, diapers and art supplies in the prices. There is a 5% for siblings as well as multi session discount fee of 5%. We need a minimum of 5 children per day to run the camp.  Price per session is: $650.


WEEK 1       June 24th to Friday 28th Dinosaurs.  If the words Tyrannransaurus Rex, Tricertops and Jurassic Park make you smile, come on over as we launch the first week of our amazing 2013 summer camps.   We’ll study what an herbivore, carnivore are and try to understand the awesomeness of these largest known land animals.  Field trip to the Burke Museum is planned for Thursday provided enough chaperones volunteer.

WEEK 2       July 1st to Wednesday July 3rd(we are closed for the Fourth of July week-end beginning Thursday through Friday) Planets.  Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and of course Pluto will all be explored.  We’ll make mobiles and discuss the night sky.  Please bring in any astrological equipment you have at your home that you are willing to share, because there’s a big galaxy out there to be explored! including of course the Milky Way.  Possible field trip to the Pacific Science Center Tuesday of this week, or the following week with our Sea World theme depending on weather and chaperone availability.

WEEK 3       July 8th-12th Sea World. The world of the sea is one of enchantment and magic, come have your children celebrate this fantastic place with us. Mermaids, sea monsters, seals, octopuses and more.  Art and trip to Seattle Aquarium are in the plans!



WEEK 4       July 14th-19th Sports: Football European, Cycling, Baseball, Obstacle Courses.

WEEK 5       July 22nd to 26th Sun, Summer & Vacation.  Water, Sand, Ice cream-what else can one ask for?  Oh wait:  the SUN!  which we hope will be shining freely on this week of fun.  We will go to Madrona Park on Thursday of this week.

WEEK 6       July 29th to August 2nd Friday. Transportation: Trains, planes and Automobiles. On Thursday, we will enjoy the Blue Angels that will be practicing overhead, or off to the beach to see them over the water depending on weather and chaperone availability.



WEEK 7 Monday August 5th Friday August 9th Barcelona:  Spanish Food making, soccer playing and crazy roccooco Gaudi art work.

WEEK 8 Monday August 12th to 15th Basque Region & Culture. Food, dance, Basque language and songs. Antoinette will share her Basque roots this is going to be a fantastic week.

WEEK 9 Monday 19th to 22nd  Jungle Animals.  What amazing creatures exist on earth than Animals that live the Jungle. There are many jungles throughout the world and we will explore the land and animals these animals habitat.  Looking at maps, prey and predators of the animals are studied and of course not to mention dramatic play around pretending to be them:))

As a reminder the school will open at 8:45 and will close at 4pm in June, July and August. The morning program will be 8:45am to 12:30pm and afternoons until 4pm.