Kindergarten is here!

Kindergarten Flier

We are thrilled to announce that we have added Kindergarten for this fall.  Come check us out. We have native Spanish teachers, homemade food, a challenging curricula and love.

​8:45-9:15 Entree
9:20-10 Mathematique
10-10:40  Snack and Recreation
10:40-11:20  Graphism, Literacy,
11:20-11:30  Dance/Musique
11:30-12 Humanities/Social Emotional
12-1pm Dejeuner/Recreation
1-1:30  Quiet/meditative time
1:30-2:20 Creation:  Cooking, Song writing,Knitting,etc.
2:20-2:50 Science
2:50-3:20 Pick Up Time
Curriculum:  Mainly French or Spanish depending on the program.  I think I explained our underlying philosophies regarding Montessori, traditional French discipline (Gottman, Love and Logic and Grinder-non verbal).  Please let me know if you need more on this.  I can also share with you the curriculum maps.
Tuition: $1,000 or $10,000 for the year. Preschool tuition rates are on our website. In your case, if 2 to 3 children were enrolled we could negogiate a family tuition fee.  Typically, families who apply for financial aid, turn into me 2 years of tax returns.
Siblings are reduced by 10% from the first child, 15% for the third, 20% for the fourth.